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I normally enjoy Scott Bill Hirst’s rah-rah Republican letters. His childlike faith in a party led by Donald Trump is truly amazing if misguided. However, lately, he has fallen victim to decrying critical race theory with all the other Republicans in creation, his main complaint being that the Chariho School Committee doesn’t want to make it an agenda item to please him, or the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee. This committee, if I read his words correctly, consists of only three people, Mr. Hirst, Pastor Stall, and state Sen. Morgan. So, in my opinion, Ms. Lyall is right not to include it on the agenda because it would serve no good purpose. I take Ms. Lyall at her word that CRT is not being taught in the school system, and she’s right that there are better things to discuss at committee meetings.

If Mr. Hirst is really serious about getting this resolution out to the public, then yes, put it on the Hopkinton Town Council agenda for debate. He states that this would be absurd, however he had no trouble with the stupid Second Amendment Sanctuary town resolution of two years ago. If you are really concerned about “Hopkinton Republicans working for the public” then I have some suggestions for him.

How about a resolution that Joe Biden is the one true President of the United States of America! Or one stating that there was no massive election fraud and that Donald Trump is flat out lying that there was! Now for the big one — Jan. 6 was a failed attempt at overthrowing a duly elected president and install a pathetic demagogue in his place.

Do some of these resolutions and maybe then people might take your CRT resolution a little more seriously.

John Kisch


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