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Some food for thought:

Some people have coping mechanisms involving chocolate, martinis and smart friends.

Life is too short to drink bad wine.

Have attitude and delve into life with open-mindedness.

Life is a challenge every day, but prevail with humor and sass.

We are not invincible, just “tired.”

Learn how to live and love.

Some people have seen and done it all.

Save the Earth. It is the only place to find GOOD chocolate.

Life is tough, and when it is, eat cake. (As a matter of fact, eat two pieces.)

Soak in the tub ... it is a wild night “in.”

Do not keep trying to lose weight, because someone else will find it.

Have a gin and tonic, but beware, you might lose 5 days out of your life.

Friends do not grow on trees, but if they did, there would be a whole lot of picking.

If you cannot be skinny, pray all of your friends will be fat.

Men and women are created equal, or is the word “useless”?

And last but not least, when you marry Mr. Right, be careful his first name is not “Always.”

Gloria Birchell


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