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In his letter titled, “Let’s face it: Trump has proven that he is a racist” by Mr. Joseph Light (The Westerly Sun, Aug. 22), he says that James Mageau should stop playing the “what about” game. In addition, he says that if those of us who support President Trump had any sense of decency we would stop.

I guess everyone who voted for the president lacks any sense of decency. It might interest Mr Light to know that I am not a Republican. I am unaffiliated, and when I write something in a “Letter to the Editor” I do my best to research the issue that I write about.

Furthermore, Mr. Light obviously did not know who he was attacking, because I have a well known public record regarding my sense of decency when it comes to fighting against racism and fighting for civil rights. Federal and state superior court records clearly show that.

In 2016, I was a 78-year-old, lifelong Democrat. Then along came Hillary Clinton and her lies about Benghazi. When the Democrat National Committee endorsed that blatant liar for president, it finished me as a Democrat. Everything since has been all downhill.

Now those of us who support the president are being called racist by someone who doesn’t know his [posterior] from his elbow. If this guy Light wants to see racism he should take a ride to Baltimore, Md., or Chicago, Ill., and look at the horrible conditions of the minority neighborhoods there. That’s black-on-black racism, because the African American Democrats who control the city councils there steal the federal grant money that the Trump Administration sends them and the poor neighborhoods never see a dime of it.

How about you, Light? Are you going to take a ride?

James M. Mageau


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