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Hopkinton Town Council: Think before you vote, and yes it is about the money.

On June 10, the Hopkinton Town Council will vote on solar for Skunk Hill Road and Arcadia Road.


Brushy Brook — 142 houses

Skunk Hill — 40 houses

Arcadia Rd — 40 houses.

Saw Mill Road — 5 houses

The dirt end of Skunk Hill — 10 houses

That’s 237 houses within a two-mile stretch, (with) 1.8 children per house.

This is a $5 to $6 million deficit to Hopkinton. This means more teachers, possible addition to the school, more police, town workers and fire department.

This could be a substantial increase in property tax to Hopkinton because of houses on Dye Hill Rd, Skunk Hill Rd and Arcadia Rd without any tax revenue being received.


1,286 trips for 145 houses at Brushy Brook

843 trips for 95 houses for a total of 2,100 trips per day in a two-mile area to go along with our everyday traffic.

Please do not make Hope Valley a bedroom city like Cranston or Warwick with no commercial to offset the tax base.

Look around you ... Richmond is putting in solar everywhere you turn, and throughout the state towns are putting in solar. My wife and I traveled to Vermont last month and you cannot believe the amount of solar we saw. And there was one place they had a 6-foot-high chain-link fence with a green fabric covering it and it was right on the people’s property line. At least Hopkinton wants a large border to protect the residents.

For the anti-solar people, what do you tell your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews about global warming, how you fought against it and that you could care less about temperature change and you are against green energy? Maybe you are for green energy, just not in YOUR town.

Granted, this is not overnight, but in the next few to several years, this is what you are looking at.

John Orlandi

Hope Valley

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