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The what-should-be-growing list of alleged high-powered and influential pedophiles contained in the black book of Jeffrey Epstein should have many of these people greatly concerned. The fact that Mr. Epstein was assaulted during incarceration (and is accessible to the general population) should have everyone who is not a pedophile greatly concerned. Obviously security for this person is not a priority for the government. Therefore one may reasonably conclude that many in government (due to culpability in heinous acts) probably seek this man’s death.

This is a safe observation and assertion to make, considering that pedophilia is considered a Homeland Security issue. Homeland Security was present during an arrest made on Pierce Street in Westerly a year or so ago of an actual producer of child pornography. I have searched for the disposition of this case, and there is no information to be found. This person’s name does not appear on the Rhode Island sex offender registry … one would think that someone who was arrested actually making this hell-born poison would be on it. I wonder if he served any time or was even fined? This child-torturing — for it is torture for the young and helpless to be so heartlessly exploited — is amoral and vile in the extreme, damaging these kids for the rest of their lives. I see media making a red-blue issue of it, but there is plenty of guilt to go around. Neither side is clean of this stain.

The man arrested on Pierce Street wore a hat bearing the word “REDNECK” in block letters, and I have personally heard these types say “Once women are 16 they are over the hill!” My great concern is that this worldwide pedophilia ring — for it stretches across the globe — will largely escape prosecution due to the amount of money, power and influence of the perpetrators.

This is a cesspool of moral degradation taking place in front of our very faces. It has been going on for decades and we as American citizens must take courage and open our eyes to this malevolence if it is to be stopped.

Steve Kern


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Just a little bit of research would show you what happened to this POS you reference in your letter to the editor. Here, let me Google that for you -

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