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As I compose this on Thursday, July 23, I still have not been responded to by Ms. Linda Lyall, Chariho School Committee chair, on putting on the agenda the two resolutions dealing with critical race theory. I have emailed her and addressed the Chariho School Committee with that request. One of those resolutions was from the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee. I am responsible for chairing this committee. While I am no better than anyone else, I would hope when a community leader asks something be on the School Committee agenda it would be done. I am disappointed if it is true, and I understand it is, Sen. Elaine J. Morgan was bypassed to be on the Chariho Anti-Racism Task Force. It appears the Chariho establishment is not interested in public input on this topic, other than what they are required to listen to. That is a very poor showing for public engagement and democracy. Ignoring an email from a public official and party leader is rude and disrespectful. Regardless of their opinion on this topic, Ms. Lyall should have that topic put on an agenda at a School Committee meeting or special meeting.

The Hopkinton Town Council has an email address to reach all of us. It is is no reason for the Chariho School Committee cannot do the same. I suggest they do it. No open meetings concerns unless a School Committee member responds.

People can reach me at, for town business only please; and personally By phone at 401-602-3976.

The leadership of the Chariho School Committee, Ms. Lyall, can be reached at 203-216-3653 and, and Catherine Giusti, who

vice-chairs the School Committee, at 401-491-9230 and Readers should note personal contact information can be had on elected officials at the Rhode Island Board of Elections website and search for campaign finance filings.

In closing, while I am on the Hopkinton Town Council, my views are my own, and not necessarily those of my Town Council colleagues. I also wish to note, I graduated from Chariho in 1971, and our 50th class reunion is on Sept. 18, 2021.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is a member of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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