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After publication of my letter on Sept. 7 (“Forcing kids to wear masks is the real challenge”), I was challenged several days later to cite a reliable source. There can be nothing long-term at this point in time, and when available, as with any data, it can be skewed either way. I prefer to check, verify, then think for myself.

I deal with the general public every single day, and I see the fear that is being taught: Fear of being too close, fear of touching things, fear of breathing fresh air, fear of being quarantined, fear of being “responsible” for another person’s illness or death.

If you think there is no negative impact on children, you can’t be paying attention.

The executive powers, edicts, rules and regulations under the auspices of “keeping us safe” has become the biggest fiasco in recent history. Arrows, sanitizing, distancing, masks, vaccines, number of cases, number of deaths ... on and on and on.

I agree, Mr. Light, children are adaptable and resilient. They are also very malleable. The fear factor and focus on death — our children are being infected daily. Parents, take a good, hard look. You are allowing your children to be muzzled like rabid dogs. Speak up — it must stop!

A journalist from long ago, Elmer Davis, said it best:

“The first and great commandment is: Don’t let them scare you. For the men who are trying to do that to us are scared themselves. They are afraid that what they think will not stand critical examination; they are afraid that the principles on which this republic was founded and has been conducted are wrong. They will tell you there is a hazard in the freedom of the mind, and of course there is, as in any freedom. In trying to think right you run the risk of thinking wrong. But there is no hazard at all, no uncertainty, in letting somebody else tell you what to think. That is sheer damnation.”

Donna Gorman


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