I am appalled by the story comparing Tom Brady and Judge Judy. The author either has not done her research or maybe is a Steelers fan!

There is no one in sports who I would have my 11-year-old daughter look up to for his on the field and off the field exploits more than Tom Brady. He is a true role model as a father and family man, someone who stands out in a world of self-gratifying athletes. The author fails to recognize that he takes a huge pay cut to promote the benefit of “ team” vs. himself. He could demand the top salary in his sport but he doesn’t! The author believes he’s self-promoting his TB12 method, but did she ever think he was passing on benefits and knowledge to other athletes who may need it?

Tom Brady is everything great about sports. His kind demeanor, his willingness to help cancer-stricken kids, coordinating events to support special needs children, the list goes on and on! Judge Judy’s TV persona is deplorable, as she berates usually poor plaintiffs.

Tom Brady is pure class and exhibits the attributes I am trying to instill in my daughter. Kindness, teamwork, respect for other people, devotion to family, dedication to work ethic, strong morals and family strength! I am appalled she chose a man we can all look up to!

Michael Arnold


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