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Letters to the editor are opinion only, not necessarily factual. Therefore, it is appropriate to respond to Ken Robbins opinion published on Tuesday the 26th.

Ken’s letter attempted to “correct misstatements.” He should be mindful about his own misstatements: “Charlestown taxes are low because we don’t pay for services of fire protection, trash pick-up, water and sewer that other towns get with their taxes.”

Yes, that may be true in Cranston, but if you compare the similar towns of Richmond and Hopkinton, taxpayers are in the same boat as Charlestown, with a separate fire district, paid for trash removal, well water (a very small 250 homes water system in Richmond) and septic systems, and their taxes are double and more what Charlestown pays. So let’s get the facts straight Ken.

Truth is important, Charlestown is a waterfront community. If you check other waterfront communities, Narragansett and Barrington, for example, you will note lower taxes also. Nothing to do with what services we pay for outside our taxes. Comparison to other similar towns our taxes are still lower.

To maintain this responsible budget please vote YES.

Faith LaBossiere


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