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Over the past year, I have seen an increase in the amount of roadkill. I feel most of these are either due to inattentiveness and/or reckless driving that causes the driver to not see the animal's life they are about to take. 

Last year, I saw a deer get hit by a car, immediately fall in the middle of the road and die. The vehicle pulled over and called the cops, and when they arrived they moved the deer to the side of the road and comforted the woman in the car, who was most likely on her phone when she hit the deer.

The woman and the cop left the area, leaving the deer there. The deer was on the side of the road for 3 days before someone came to pick it up. I feel this incident could have been avoided if we had more staff to pick up road kill and if the woman was paying attention while driving.

William Banfield


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