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I am writing to address the upcoming election this November in regards to the position of probate judge for Southeastern Connecticut Regional Probate Court District 30. In today’s society where partisan politics often dominate the scene, much of a candidate’s message and platform can be overshadowed. I strongly encourage the residents voting for the next judge of probate in the 30th District to rise above partisan politics and cast their vote for Salvatore Ritacco on Nov. 3. I have known Sal for over 25 years, and he is a tireless worker who is dedicated, loyal and committed to the people he serves.

Sal’s dedication, commitment and level of care go far above and beyond the expectations for someone in his position as an attorney in Pawcatuck. This is the norm for Sal because he has a genuine interest in helping others and serving his community and the surrounding areas. This is evidenced by the numerous legal, business and nonprofit organizations that Sal is currently an active member of.

Sal is a person who gets things done because he doesn’t allow politics to get in the way of helping others. He is someone who brings people together and is willing to work with everyone in whatever capacity needed. Sal will actively listen to the concerns of the people he serves, while keeping their interests and needs at the top of his priorities. As a lifelong resident of Pawcatuck, Sal has been an asset for many years to the community he serves and calls home. The residents of Groton, North Stonington and Ledyard would reap the same benefits the town of Stonington has reaped over the years by electing Sal as their next judge of probate.

As a staunch liberal Democrat who has taught and coached sports within Stonington Public Schools for the past 16 years, Republican candidate for Judge of Probate in the 30th District, Sal Ritacco, has my unwavering support.

Dan Cawley

West Warwick

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