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A dedicated committee has been hard at work for six years to bring a dog park to fruition in Richmond.  We have received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement that reinforces the committee’s efforts and recommendations that this is a positive project for the community. 

The Richmond Town Council has designated a parcel of land off Route 138/Country Acres Road/Richmond Heritage Trail. (Under the water tower). To develop a beautiful, well-maintained space open to all dog-lovers and friends who are willing to uphold the park’s rules and restrictions.

Phase 1 consists of fencing and it will need to be installed. Bids will be going out soon per Karen Pinch, the town administrator. There will be both a large and small dog areas. Once this is completed the park will be official with a big ribbon-cutting ceremony and then it will be opened to the public. Hopefully by July!

During Phase 2, on tap for summer, the picnic tables, benches and poop station disposal from the “unofficial” dog park on Buttonwoods Road (near the transfer station) will be brought in. Our wish list consists of a covered pavilion for each area and maybe even new agility equipment and a fitness track. Donations and sponsorships are currently being accepted to make these additions to the park possible. We are also selling memorial bricks.

When it is all done it will be a great place for dogs, their owners and dog-lovers to congregate, socialize and exercise.  We are excited o transform this unused, unmanicured piece of property and make it something the dog-lover community can use and be proud of. 

We would like to thank our Richmond Town Council, Town Administrator Karen Pinch, Town Planner Juliana Berry and head of the Department of Public Works Scott Barber for all your help in making this dream a reality.

Victoria Vona


The writer is a member of the Richmond Dog Park Committee.

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The sad thing is once something becomes "Official" then u get rules and regulations and people complaining about every little thing. I have seen it happen at big dog parks and it ends up not being very much Fun for the dog owners. The Buttonwoods park has worked just fine except for a few people who have tiny or aggressive or scared dogs yet take those dogs around other dogs and expect there will be no problems. Those type dogs will have problems anywhere and just separating by size will not solve much. Also I have had tiny dogs who Enjoy Running with the Big Boys but now they won't be Allowed. Too many rules in the world already but let's add a few more at dog parks.


So, once That is opened we will no longer be Allowed to go to the Buttonwood one? My dog likes it There and I like it there. Will we still be allowed to use the Buttonwood site instead? I would rather.

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