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This is an urgent plea to the millionaires and billionaires of our country: Please consider giving your surplus wealth to fund a permanent wall to protect our southern borders from evil elements that will infiltrate our people and country before you leave your lives on earth! This plea is not to give in to our president's demands, but is of urgent necessity for our country's protection and the safety of our people. 

This dire issue is not to be agonized and debated between parties as to who will win this "war" of disagreement and division (even though some may hate our president, who wants to help us, rather than hurt us). I  honestly believe this wall should be constructed and funded soon before harm comes to us. It is urgently needed. Please try to do the right action before it is too late!

Also, stop your bickering! We want peace and unity in the country! We, the people, can do it!

Lorraine Seeley


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