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New York's political leaders have stirred the moral conscience of the nation in passing the nation's most far-reaching pro-abortion law and then celebrating the killing of unborn children up to and including the day of delivery. As shocking as it is, we shouldn't be surprised. This is the new Democratic Party doing exactly what their national platform dictates. Their only reverence now is for abortion, at any stage, for any reason. They have shown the reality of what New York has become and exposed what all of America would look like under their policies. 
From now on in New York, nothing stands in the way of a woman taking her baby's life — days, hours, or even minutes before she is born! Late-term abortion is their new normal; and even worse, a movement that proudly shouts its abortions — a movement that left the mantra of “safe, legal, and rare” back in the 1990s and now sees taking the lives of our youngest not as a tragedy, but as a wonderful, empowering experience. This New York legislation is now among the most permissive of our 50 states. There is now no jurisdiction in the whole world to the left of New York on abortion ... none!
Fast forward to Rhode Island on Jan. 29: Our Democratic governor, our Secretary of State and the mayor of Providence each presented testimony strongly favoring an extreme NY style abortion bill to the House Judiciary Committee ( Bills 5125 and 5127). The bills would remove all regulations on abortion, even the ban on partial-birth abortion, which I lobbied on as Diocesan Respect Life Coordinator. In 1996, Rhode Island passed a ban on partial-birth abortion, recognizing it as a barbaric procedure performed in the fifth through ninth months of pregnancy. Yet Gov. Raimondo would betray the lives of innocent, even healthy unborn children, to appease her donor, Planned Parenthood. It is morally disgusting. How could we and why should we ever trust her with the lives of anyone, especially the vulnerable?
Quick to jump on the Planned Parenthood and  ACLU pro-abortion bandwagon, Rhode Island politicians do not care or understand where WE THE PEOPLE are on this issue! Multiple annual polls like Marist, Pew and Gallup confirm that New York’s law and this extreme agenda is wildly out-of-step with the nation as a whole; 75% of Americans (three out of four) want all abortions restricted to the first three months of pregnancy; 81 percent oppose all third-trimester abortions. Video footage of New York legislators applauding the monstrous late-term-abortion bill begs the question: What kind of people are we? Do the lives of children in the womb count for nothing? Hasn’t history taught us anything? Many have told me they were distraught or actually cried after watching supporters cheer passage of the bill as the spire of New York’s World Trade Center was lit up in "it’s-a-girl" pink.
Despite what Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion politicians believe, the majority of the country disagrees with the killing of these tiny, innocent, defenseless babies who feel pain. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate for the trade center to be lit up in blood red in memory of the 60 million defenseless human beings that have been offered as sacrificial lambs to this party extremism. Gov. Raimondo would be wise to pay attention to the backlash that Governors Cuomo and Northam have experienced in carrying out their horrific agenda and truly represent us, the people of Rhode Island.
Maria Parker

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