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The two abortion bills in the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee right now are quite similar to the radical wild-west style New York bill passed a couple weeks ago.

If passed, abortion would be permitted up to the moment of birth in Rhode Island.

The language of the bills also permits the murder of a baby who survives an abortion. To clarify, this means that if a baby doesn’t die from the abortion and arrives alive (after the mother’s labor or otherwise), and is present in the clinic, breathing, crying, kicking, hurting after the abortion attempt, the person doing the abortion is free to kill the child some other way, say via injection with something toxic, or crushing its skull, or cutting up the baby limb from limb, or by other barbaric means. “Something’s got to be done about those damned babies,” the abortion-loving folks would say. Usually, abortion kills the child while it is inside its mother. These two Rhode Island bills, if passed, would allow the already-born child to be killed outside the mother’s body, perhaps within view of the mother. Not a pleasant memory.

The two bills at the Rhode Island State House would reduce Rhode Island Health Department oversight/regulation of the abortion in the state, making it less safe for mothers who abort. It might be that less-qualified persons would be permitted to do abortions, including people who are not doctors, for example, which would result in lots more botched (legal) abortions bringing more women to emergency rooms than already happens under current law, and lots more women damaged after abortion.

In short, if passed, these bills would result in legally permitted “back-alley abortions,” and lots more of them.

People need to reflect on this. Our culture has been sold many lies and much hysteria by Planned Parenthood and so called “Women’s Rights” crusade (which have killed, so far, about 31 million unborn girls and about 30 million unborn boys since Roe v. Wade).

The proposed bills at the Rhode Island Legislature go well beyond merely writing into law precedent of Roe v. Wade.

The Sun editorial of February 16 “RI should codify Roe...,” reprinted from the Providence Journal, is misleading and doesn’t tell the whole story. The Journal and The Sun may want Roe v. Wade codified, but the two Rhode Island bills under consideration at the State House are like Trojan Horses.

The Providence Journal needs to do its homework better and get its facts straight. The Sun would do well to avoid reprinting erroneous copy.

Steve Sullivan


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