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Hidden in the Chariho budget is a $250,000 item to fund a proposal to abandon our Blue Ribbon neighborhood elementary schools in favor of a new, single, cracker box “factory in a field.” This could subject the youngest and most vulnerable of our children to 45-minute, mind-numbing, bullying bus rides at either end of their day. It is clear that the School Committee members favoring this are members of the Disposal Society, and care less about the psychological damage such a plan would cause to our youngest students than having something new and shiny, no matter how inferior the structure. The dangled RIDE money of “newer and fewer” is like a flame to a moth or a fluorescent lure to a predatory, bottom-feeding squid ... they just can’t help themselves from ruining our communities with this irresistible temptation.

Rejecting the Chariho budget will not hurt the students, because the district is sitting on an $8 million-plus budget slush fund that they have accumulated over years of failure to return surpluses to the three towns. As a former real estate broker in Connecticut and a member of a three-generation insurance brokerage family, I know buildings with “good bones.” All our Chariho neighborhood schools are sound, impressive structures worthy of renovations, not destruction. So please vote no on the Chariho Budget April 6 to send a message to the wasteful School Committee members that you oppose their “factory in the field” plot.

Mimi Karlsson

Hope Valley

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