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All love for everyone this Memorial Living Day. Home is where the heart is. God comes first, and then all that is good will follow effortlessly to fully nourish our everyday needs. The ever-quiet silence of God is working out our perfect destiny in our soul, heart, mind, body, etc. In the pure memory resides the God-given natural home of all the laws of nature, taking full care and service of our life. This is important, this simple “Age of Enlightenment” we are growing into gradually, thank God.

Our memory is plugged into eternity. Life cannot really die for long. Memorial Day is another day of renewal. Life goes on forever, without fear. There will always be another tomorrow. Every moment of precious life is a quiet celebration of our never-dying, invincible soul. Spring keeps effortlessly renewing its beautiful self in the ever-glorious garden of God, who is always sharing life immortal with everyone, past, present and future. 

Happy days until we meet again, a-singing and a-dancing all the way home, remembering all life’s Goodness. Hope we are all enjoying these few thoughtful, simple reflections on the priceless worth of our human life on this fast-becoming Heavenly Earth, right in front of our own amazed eyes, as we are all being fitted for wearing a well-deserved blessed halo with an aura, a circle of light and bright radiance. Don’t be surprised if it takes place very soon, all around the world.

Good luck to all. Well, it’s about time. What took us so long? We are asking our self. 

William S. Marr


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