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“Mueller’s press conference had one takeaway,” published in the May 30 Sun, seems right, but I’m taking away something entirely different: Catch-22.

Robert Mueller: “If we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so." Just as maybe, inherently, also means maybe not, having no confidence the president did not commit a crime means the president may have committed a crime, which demands scrutiny in our “no man is above the law” pre-Trump world.

But we’re told Department of Justice special counsel Mueller was bound by longstanding DOJ policy/regulations that it’s unconstitutional to charge the president with a crime. Mueller implores everyone to just read his report as submitted to Attorney General William Barr. Trump appointee Barr bars everyone from reading the 448 page Mueller report, whittling it down to a less than 1% elementary-school-like, four-page book report. The redacted report is what William Barr says you need to know after a two-year investigation that produced a total of 34 indictments, convictions or guilty pleas, screaming to us laws were definitely broken by nearly everyone investigated.

Let’s play connect the dots. Dot 1: Mueller finds illegal behavior in more than 30 people, including Mr. Trump’s closest associates (former lawyer Michael Cohen and campaign manager Paul Manafort), but cannot cross constitutional boundaries and charge Mr. Trump. Dot 2: This 448-page report cherry-picked down to four pages by Trump appointee Barr, who refuses to let all Americans, including Congress, read the report. Dot 3: Mr. Trump claims “executive privilege,” withholding the Mueller report from the constitutionally-empowered Congress.

Having trouble connecting the 3 dots? Welcome to the Twilight Zone Catch-22 constitutional crisis that Democratic Congressional leader Nancy Pelosi has no right to “decide whether their party and politicians exist to win elections or uphold the old-fashioned principle that everybody — including the president — should obey the law."

Hey Americans, listen up: Any impeachment inquiry must be pursued NOT as a matter of political expediency, but as a matter of constitutional integrity.

Jay Lustgarten


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