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I am certainly disappointed in the resignation of Pastor David Stall from the Chariho School Committee. He is an asset to our community and region. However we should be more disappointed in the whole Chariho School Committee for permitting the treatment of him. In government, ideas should be permitted and discussed. The Chariho School Committee needs to discuss how it handles requests for agenda items. The chair should, at the most, place an item on the agenda if requested by a certain number of members.

Five members of the Hopkinton Town Council decide who the replacement is. The only requirement is the person be a qualified voter of Hopkinton.

No doubt, we will not necessarily agree on who it will be, or what we are looking for. It needs to be remembered that the Chariho School Committee is a partisan elected office. That is a legal and political fact.

I hope to ask, if other town councilors don’t ask first, the following questions:

1. Do you believe all views should be presented for discussion at a School Committee meeting? 2. Do you believe the committee chair should be able to block requests for agenda items? 3. Do you think a recall provision for School Committee members should be considered? 4. Do you believe the annual Chariho Omnibus Meeting should be limited to only the school budget? 5. Would you consider an outside management study of the district? and 6.What do you see for the future of the district? I may have other questions too!

Something that should be reflected upon by current School Committee members, the entire Chariho establishment, my fellow town councilors, and the public is from the adopted principles and ethics of the district: “Accept and encourage a variety of opinions from and communication with all parts of the community” and “Make public relevant institutional information in order to promote communication and understanding between the school system and the community.” Do you think this is being followed?

I said enough for now. Pastor David Stall, you rock. I am proud to know you! I am not happy with the School Committee. But better days can come for our students and taxpayers. Hopkinton seats up on the Chariho School Committee in 2022 are Lisa Macaruso, George Abbott and the seat Pastor Stall vacated. Catherine Giusti’s seat from Hopkinton is up in 2024.

Hopkinton residents keep in touch! Reach me at; and (401) 677-9503.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is a member of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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