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News from Fox 2 in Michigan: The extreme cold weather currently blanketing America is caused by a December blast of hot air from Morocco into the normally super-cold air high above the north pole in winter. The heat split the huge, swirling vortex of arctic wind that has historically kept the coldest air from sliding south. Consequently, a part of the vortex has drifted down into America.

Experts predict that the vortex will remain out of whack until at least mid-February, and perhaps mid-March. Climate scientists have been predicting for a long time that this would happen more often as a consequence of the global heat accumulating under the thickening blanket of carbon dioxide emissions.

Credit for this happening more often goes to the fossil fuel companies that knew the science and lied about it, and to the Republican politicians who have protected their fossil-fuel mega-donors such as the Koch brothers, rather than protecting the American people.

Harvey Perry


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Great job preaching to the choir. Our Senator Whitehouse is a champion against climate change. He is largely ignored, as you will be. Our state voted for Bernie only to have that vote hijacked by superdelegates who backed a loser. Why such a narrow GOP target? What of other industrial nations who produce greenhouse gases? Do they still get a pass because they are developing? You also fail to mention what steps you have taken to reduce your carbon footprint. If those methods are affordable to you, surely they are affordable to us common folk. Are you 100% wind or solar? Do you drive a Telsa with a responsibly sourced battery? What about the folks in Newport who were forced out of their homes and businesses for a week without gas? Do you have a efficient and clean energy source for them? I am sure they would love not to be dependent on gas. What is the practical alternative? What is prohibiting its use? Please share rather than lobbing a lopsided attack against a political party. Also why does The Sun allow this letter of no substance to be published anyway?

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