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In her letter of Aug. 17 (“Elected officials must face homelessness head-on”) Audrey Mead gets it backward. Homelessness has been created by zoning laws and building codes that have pushed up the cost of housing. If you look along East Avenue in Westerly, you will see a lot of small houses that were probably built after World War II. Houses like that can’t be built today. Renters now have “rights” — the right to move in, not pay rent, trash the place and move out.

What is needed is for politicians to do an about-face and stop pushing us down the road to socialism, where rights become entitlements. They might even come up with the idea that a man should support his own children.

Vic Arnold


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What in the sam's hill are you talking about man? "Houses like that" can't be built today for several reasons, but the main one is NIMBYism. Neighbors now band together to prevent any kind of development in their towns. The second any developer mentions that their housing will be affordable, people start crowding town council meetings to rant about the "character" of their town changing. I.E. They think affordable housing immediately means they have to share their town with more minorities, and heavens-to-Betsy if they'll let that happen.

So your right in the sense that politicians could help solve this issue. They could help by ignoring the NIMBYs.

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