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Speaker Nancy Polosi said it was important to rush the impeachment of President Trump through the House of Representatives. That was obviously a blatant lie.

If it was so important to rush it through then why isn’t she sending the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate so it can proceed with a timely trial?

Instead, she has decided to hold them and not send them over until the Senate adopts rules of procedure that she agrees with.

She is now engaging in an abuse of power, extortion and a “quid pro quo” That’s the exact same thing that the Democrat’s initially accused President Trump of doing, which started the impeachment inquiry.

Her hypocrisy is an affront and should not be ignored. It’s a double standard that goes to the heart of the lies involved in this side show. It also illustrates how unfair the president is being treated.

Rhode Island’s two Congressmen, Jim Langevin and David Cicillini, both have been part of this circus from the outset. They have “gone along to get along” and voted to impeach President Trump, disregarding the fact that it will disenfranchise the 181,000 Rhode Islanders who voted for him.

That should be enough to give us pause before voting in the 2020 elections. The question is do we elect representatives who respect the votes of the state’s minority electorate or do we elect a couple of “court jesters” who go along to get along and perform in political side shows?

James M. Mageau


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