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Was Mr. Parente wrong in his Jan. 27 letter to the editor titled "Rhode Island heading toward socialism"? Although I agree with Mr. Sciarillo's Jan. 30 letter ("Parente got gist of Churchill's take wrong") that Churchill did endorse socialistic programs after the war and his famous criticism of socialism was directed at the Soviet model, not the British model, there is ample evidence that Gov. Raimondo is embracing aspects of the Soviet model, and there I concur with Mr. Parente.

Ironically an enlightening Letter to the Editor on abortion was published on the same day as Mr. Sciarillo's letter ("There are other options out there besides abortion" by Antonio and Carolyn Trebisacci). Here we find that Rhode Island, led by Gov. Raimondo, is pushing legislation for the legal abortion of full-term healthy babies. Where did this first occur in the world? Why that would be the then-Russian Soviet Republic by the Bolsheviks in 1920. This destructive social program, along with the basic tenet of shifting responsibility and social decision-making from the individual to the state in all matters, is the Soviet model and is the one being copied by Rhode Island and other liberal states.

Don't believe me, believe Charlotte Isybert, who wrote "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America," whose father was part of this long-range project.

David Turco


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