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At the risk of starting a “tit for tat” correspondence with Mr. Mageau in regard to his letter appearing in The Sun’s Dec. 24 issue in defense of Trump’s failed presidency; I cannot resist a response. The parallels between Trump’s and Hitler’s personalities have been commented upon by many professionals, including those in his own family! Reportedly, Trump is very familiar with “Mein Kamp.” Like Hitler, Trump was elected to office but fortunately he has not been able to usurp power, despite the insane advice of people like Gen. Michael Flynn that he use the military to seize voting machines and overturn the will of the people. Fortunately, many of his own political allies and appointees have come to realize how dangerous this man is! Thank God that he will never have the power of dealing with his political adversaries and minorities that Hitler had! Apparently, it’s Mr. Mageau who is ignorant of history, and it’s unlikely that anything I or others may point out that will change his or like-minded people’s minds! Nevertheless, I wish him a happy and healthy New Year!

It is what it is!

Jim Georgeady


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