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The idea that we would remain living in a pandemic at this point was inconceivable at the start of the year. Who would have expected that getting a haircut, going to the dentist or going to the grocery store would be such an ordeal? We are living, and that is the most important word here, in a challenging time of uncertainty.

The campaign season is upon us, and how to approach this is no small consideration. The standard method of door-to-door meeting and greeting people is really not an option this year. The prospect of showing up uninvited to residents’ homes may not be as welcomed as it was pre-pandemic and only increases the potential for exposures. I ought to know, as a volunteer COVID contact tracer I have first-hand knowledge of the ramifications of this virus.

The candidates of Charlestown Residents United discussed this matter and we decided in order to protect our community, we will not be going door-to-door this year. We will instead be available outside of local establishments at designated times to talk with you. We will also be available via email or phone, and we are developing other methods of contact that will be posted on our website, We want you to know that we welcome discussion from every resident and remain committed to “Putting the ‘town’ back in Charlestown.”

On behalf of myself and my fellow CRU-endorsed candidates — Town Council: Deb Carney, Grace Klinger, Scott Keeley and Stephen Stokes; Planning Commission: Patricia Stamps and Howard Stephens; and Town Moderator: Charlie Beck — we ask for your vote and look forward to seeing you on the socially-distanced campaign trail.

Jodi Frank


The writer is a candidate for the Charlestown Town Council.

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