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I live on the Winnapaug Golf Course south of Shore Road. My house abuts the golf course on two sides. My husband was a building contractor and built our dream home in 1989. Unfortunately, he was only able to enjoy it for three years. He became ill with cancer and suddenly passed away. I was able to maintain our home and raise our two daughters here. My house was the third one built on my road. With the exception of a few older homes, mostly on Shore Road, the area was completely woods at the time. I now have a full neighborhood of wonderful neighbors. The north side of Shore Road has also been developed with beautiful houses.

People bought property here for the quiet neighborhoods, where children could ride their bikes or shoot basketball. People are seen daily walking their dogs, jogging, or riding bikes for exercise. Wildlife like deer, coyotes, geese, occasional large turtles, snowy owls, and turkeys can be seen on the golf course. All of this will be in jeopardy if Nick Scola is allowed to build what he proposes: a large banquet hall with rooftop deck, hotel, employee housing and condotels scattered throughout the golf course. The scope of the project is not an accessory use to the golf course and is not in keeping with the residential neighborhoods. The traffic that would increase would make the roads unsafe.

This residential area has co-existed with the golf course for many years. I would even call the former owners to report any unsavory activity, which they appreciated. Within minutes, someone from the clubhouse would be down here.

My children used to love walking down to Winnapaug Pond to see what treasures the tide had washed up. We enjoy watching seagulls, cranes, ducks, egrets, osprey, and swans on the pond. It’s fun to watch people kayaking, boating, jet skiing, water skiing, fishing, and clamming. There are also oyster beds in the pond. I’m afraid the ecosystem of the pond would be compromised if Mr. Scola is allowed to build on the south side of Shore Road.

Mr. Scola says he needs this project in order for the golf course to be sustainable. Why is that? The Winnapaug Golf Course has been successfully run for 100 years. There are other golf courses in the area who have also done a good business as a golf course with a restaurant and banquet facilities that are in keeping with their size. Look at the Richmond Country Club. It’s in the middle of nowhere and does a great business and has been there for many years.

I urge the Town Council to think long and hard about this overdeveloped plan that would change the landscape of the golf course, neighborhoods, and surrounding areas forever. This proposal would not be a change for the better.

Marion Barrie Hammond


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