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Once upon a time, in a town called Charlestown, there was a Town Council meeting. At that meeting, there were a lot of people. Some of these townspeople stood at the podium, uninterrupted, and spoke their mind(s) to the council members. Unfortunately, those who were not part of the fairy tale group (i.e. the CCA) did not get to be heard without constant interruption by a big-time CCA person, Donna Chambers.

Ms. Chambers was continuously shouting, talking, laughing and generally being disorderly whenever she disagreed with the topic being discussed. Despite the complete lack of decorum on the part of this elected official, who is a Chariho School Committee member, Council President Virginia Lee failed to quiet her down. The videographer finally spoke up and asked this person to stop. In an unsurprising move, Ms. Chambers then pens a letter to The Westerly Sun, and in perfect bullying fashion proceeds to attempt to portray Councilperson Carney as being somehow disingenuous.

If ever this town had someone they can depend on to question the politics, to question the improprieties, to call to task this CCA-governed council, it’s Deb Carney. Watch the video.

The end.

Jodi Frank


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