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Men are different than women. I will give you examples.

Men cannot figure out how to take clean dishes out of the dishwasher and put dirty dishes in. They think if they drop clothes on the floor they will magically find their way into the hamper.

Some men try to wash their sweatshirts and ask their wives what cycle to use. My answer: “Read the tag.” Their reply: “It says URI on it.” Ha ha.

I guess we have two choices. They can either drive us crazy trying to achieve perfection, or we can ignore the complaining and whining that follows.

These men do not start off this way ... they ARE this way. And you see, some turn out to be bankers and lawyers.

By the time men are 80, they have frozen faces and grumpy mouths. Most cannot remember what they ate yesterday.

Ladies, we have our faults too. Like memory lapses. You see the mustard on the table and cannot remember where you put your sandwich. I do not have any problems with my memory, knock on wood. Oops, there is the door ... I will get it.

Gloria Birchell


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