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Scott Bill Hirst’s letter, “Elaine Morgan is a credit to her district,” is like seeing the glass as half empty or half full; it depends on one’s perspective. Hirst states that Morgan is “a great friend of mine, I admit prejudice on that part, as well as being a fellow Republican”.

Hirst also admits he has never met Jennifer Douglas, the Democratic candidate who ran against Sen. Morgan, but implies that because she did not win the election, it is because she was somehow inferior to Morgan. I have met both Douglas and Morgan. I too admit prejudice in favor of Douglas as a friend and someone who shares her Democratic values, and because I do not agree with many of Morgan’s values and platform issues.

It is not unusual for an incumbent to win against a first-time candidate, as they have the name recognition and, typically, the budget to run a larger campaign. Douglas should be admired for having had the courage to enter the race at the last minute when she saw that no one else was stepping forward to give voters the chance to make a real choice at the ballot box. On a barebones budget, no name recognition as a newcomer to politics, with little time and a small group of campaign workers, she worked tirelessly to meet personally with as many constituents as possible to share her vision of a better Rhode Island for all. 

Hirst refers to Douglas as having posted “inappropriate” postings on her private Facebook page. Her postings were personal and not political and had nothing to do with her standing as a would-be legislator. I would think he would be more concerned with Morgan’s inappropriate postings on both her public and private Facebook pages, in which she has posted such things as calling for locking up immigrants, labeling Douglas and Democrats in general as socialists and un-American, and her latest: calling for the boycott of a small business owner because the owner does not support Trump.

I am also curious as to the purpose of Mr. Hirst’s throwaway line that Morgan “does not use the term Ms.” I can only imagine that it is a swipe at a woman’s choice as to how she would like to be addressed. 

Keep in mind that Douglas lost by only 9 percentage points, nothing to sneeze at as a first-time candidate against an incumbent in this “Red” area of the state. As I canvassed door to door for Douglas, many residents told me they would vote for anyone who was running against Morgan as they were fed up with her intolerance. Jennifer Douglas will be running again in 2020. She will use all that she has learned from her first foray into politics to win in 2020. Mr. Hirst, remember her name.

Kristen Chambers 

Wood River Junction

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