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I would like to thank Mike Latham for his articulate letter “Who will stand to Defend the Defenseless” in Wednesday’s Westerly Sun. His cogent anti-abortion comments question how a nation like ours has come to support what he considers to be an evil law, and practice. Indeed, this is a serious issue we need to question.

In a similar vein, I would like to ask a few further questions. How is it that a great nation like ours, which was founded on immigration, seeks to discriminate and build walls? How is it that a nation that has a magnificent statue dedicated to the principle of liberty seeks to tell others they are not welcome? How is it that a nation whose Declaration of Independence speaks to the equality of all people now promotes racial and gender discrimination and bigotry, whose laws and policies further continue the massive income inequality that fuels civil discord? How is it that a nation who preaches dignity and honesty now has leadership that resorts to lies and deceit in order to promote their own self-aggrandizement?

There are many questions we need to answer in the mirror of who we think we are as Americans. Mike correctly raised one, and I humbly suggested a few more. In Mike’s letter he recommended we consider his suggestion when we go to the polls in 20 months. I recommend we consider them all.

Bob Rieger


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