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May is Bike Month, a month in which it is a joy to ride, especially with spring in the air and the speed of a bicycle being such an appropriate way to enjoy it. Charlestown’s Parks and Recreation Commission invites you to come bike with us.

If you haven’t found it yet, take a ride on the multipurpose path in Ninigret Park. Completed in 2017, the path is a prototype of a path envisioned for a coastal route linking Westerly with Narragansett. The path is flat — only 1.3 miles winding through fields and woodlands and safe for all ages. A great place to get your bike legs going.

The commission spun off Breachway Bikers, a community bike group that started riding last year. This non-competitive group rides Sunday mornings at 9 and Wednesday afternoons at 5. A schedule of rides is available exploring our beautiful state and areas nearby.

Information on rides is available on Facebook/Breachway Bikers or contact us at with any questions.

The Be-Fit Bike Trail is a really pretty exploration of Charlestown north of Route 1. The West Leg trail head on Buckeye Brook Road utilizes Burlingame’s parking lot. Signs, soon to be installed, will lead you from there all the way to the East Leg parking lot at South Farm Preserve, about 20 miles. A full description and map of the Charlestown Be-Fit Bike Tour are available online at under Government/Parks & Recreation.

The trail is on country roads designated as suitable or mostly suitable, and care should be taken.

A bicycle is fabulously efficient. One European estimate of its life-cycle emissions, including manufacture and maintenance, is that a bike emits 7.6 grams of carbon per passenger kilometer, an e-bike 16.1. In comparison, an electric car emits 92.4; a gas car, 208.3. These statistics alone should be an incentive to get out on your bike.

Enjoy spring in one of the ways we so remember from our youth ... by bike.

Faith LaBossiere


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