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On Thursday at 11 a.m., Westerly Area Peace and Justice and friends will meet on the lawn of Christ Church, 7 Elm St. Westerly, RI. The church bells will ring out the 11th hour as those assembled will march for the climate. It is indeed the 11th hour for us to reverse climate change and build a world that is both sustainable and equitable for all people. It’s time for us to rise together and make it utterly clear: The earth and all people are sacred and at risk!

And because the global climate emergency requires a global, multifaith response, people of diverse religions from around the world, at the grass-roots, are coming together in a bold new way to work for climate justice. Sponsored by GreenFaith International, many local groups are planning action on Thursday. All are welcome to join this mobilization for “Sacred People Sacred Earth,” the biggest-ever grass-roots, global, multifaith action. Plans are to march from Christ Church to several churches near the center of town, stopping to offer prayers for the earth from various religious traditions.

We envision a world transformed, in which humanity in all its diversity has developed a shared reverence for life on earth. No more fossil fuel infrastructure, tropical deforestation or related financing. One-hundred percent renewable energy for everyone — particularly the 800 million people who lack energy access. Green jobs to rebuild the world’s infrastructure to help everyday people recover from COVID depression. Wealthy countries leading the way with commitments that reflect the responsibility for the crisis we face.

As all nations prepare for the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) in Scotland Nov. 1-12, let us join together as the people of the earth to demand serious and bold climate action. It is the 11th hour and there is no time to waste!

Join in this effort to sound the alarm, raise our voices, walk, pray and sing together as we build community for climate justice. A better world is possible, and we won’t stop till we create it together in faith and solidarity.

We will be following COVID safety guidelines. Wear a mask. Bring a sign or poster expressing your climate concerns. All are welcome. For more information, check out #Sacred People Sacred Earth.

Madeline C. Labriola


The writer is the chairperson of the Westerly Area Peace and Justice Climate Committee.

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