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For Christians worldwide, the current season of Lent is about growing in our relationship with Jesus. This takes form in many different ways, but is typically characterized as “doing more” (e.g., prayer, works of charity) and/or “giving up” (e.g., fasting and self-denial).

We strive to maintain these commitments, at least until Easter Sunday. Do we look beyond? If our focus during Lent was to use our free will to grow closer to Jesus, shouldn’t our Lenten encounter with Jesus during these 40 days result in a lasting, positive effect on us rather than being seen as fleeting as a New Year’s resolution?

What thoughts regarding our relationship with Jesus will we experience on Easter Sunday? Will the more virtuous cycle we create and strengthen during Lent be maintained? Can we refocus a spiritual Lenten journey as just the beginning of a more permanent change in our lives?

In this context, Pastor Emeritus Father Ray Suriani at St Pius X church has inspired us with a “theme word” to guide us on our journey through this season of Lent: “Permanent.” The positive changes we strive for throughout Lent are changes that we should want to be permanent.

This concept is sufficiently life-altering that it should have its own word: “PermaLENT” to describe those positive changes in our lives we made during Lent that become permanent.

As we prepare ourselves for Easter Sunday, may there be many who are determined to have their virtuous Lenten actions become “PermaLENT.”

Martin Bednar

North Stonington

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