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Following the recent series of letters to the editor from James Mageau and folks who challenged his assertions and antics has been amusing. First Mr. Mageau defended President Trump, claiming he is no racist or white supremacist. Mr. Trump is a victim. How did Mr. Mageau build his defense? He alluded to a vague gaggle of conspiracies. He named or implied as conspirators Democrats, the FBI, the Justice Department, Hillary Clinton, and pro-choice and gun-control advocates. He conflated a buffet of issues. Somehow Trump’s racist reputation falls on the imagined conspirators.

Then Joe Light wrote that Trump’s behavior in years before and since the election shows Trump is a racist. He also suggested Mr. Mageau stop deflecting attention by injecting irrelevancies like the Clintons, the Mueller report, the FBI, abortion, and guns.

Explaining how he became a Trump supporter, Mr. Mageau responded with an odd, almost comical, series of deflections. In it, Mr. Mageau contrived that Mr. Light accused him, Mr. Mageau, of being a racist. Mr. Light did not. In the defense against the imagined accusation, Mr. Mageau painted himself as a former Democrat. So? With dubious references to superior and federal courts, he claimed he was a civil rights stalwart. He gave no details. He used the old Benghazi conspiracy theory and claimed Hillary Clinton had lied. For this, he gave up the Democratic party. He ended with a telling deflection. He used the same racist slur that President Trump used against Congressman Cummings, by insulting Baltimore.

Then Mr. Perry’s letter corrected Mr. Mageau’s flawed Benghazi history. Mr. Mageau’s history accepts the misreading of facts designed to support yet another conspiracy theory. Mr. Perry’s correction considers all the facts. (By the way, the Republican-dominated House held four investigations, taking two years, and came up with nothing.) Mr. Mageau answered with a conspiracy theory rant and added the recent legal actions taken by the conspiracy machine, Judicial Watch.

We have a racist president. He deflects, spreads conspiracy theories, conflates issues, misrepresents the facts and lies. Now, I do not claim Mr. Mageau is a racist. Only he knows what is in his own heart. I wonder why he felt it necessary to raise that question. I have watched President Trump since the 2016 campaign began. I have read what Mr. Mageau has written during that time and recently. From these, I have learned this much. For sure, Donald Trump represents Mr. Mageau. For sure, Donald Trump does not represent what is right for America.

Joseph C. Sciarillo


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