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Well, well, well. We experienced another diatribe from Mr. Joseph Sciarillo. I don’t really care about your two-minute cursory investigation of Mr. Latham’s resources as much as I care about the omission of your factual and credible resources, which you conveniently chose not to insert in your article. Google will set you free. I am 100% sure you never read a book from these two sources in an effort to educate yourself.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed as early as 2015 or 2016 that the planet was doomed in just 12 years. Here it is, five or six years in, and no appreciable changes in the planet, regarding the “global warming” narrative. My observation of February seems to fortify my beliefs. Can I assume this was similar to Kamala Harris stating, “it was just a debate” when being questioned by a reporter about her two charges against Biden — racism and sexism.

Getting back to qualified Ph.D. climatologists and/or physicists on global warming, and the new millennial “woke” term, climate change, since the global warming narrative didn’t survive the four seasons, let’s defer to the real experts. Al (“I made millions off of these fools”) Gore, John (“private jet”) Kerry, AOC (bartender), Greta (emotionally distraught 16-year-old) Thunberg, and last but not least, Michael (“Big Mac”) Moore. He always supersizes his order. No “fake” beef for him. Collard greens are not an option.

With just a scant seven years left, let us all come together in a “fact-finding mission” with the real ”seasoned” experts that congregate on the steps of the Westerly Post Office. Until then, I am enjoying life in a similar manner that I did some 76 years ago, with lower levels of air impurities and enhanced water quality, year over year, with the previous four being undoubtedly the best.

Walter Sheldon Jr.


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