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In reference to your article of Jan. 14, “Fighting Town Hall: Hopkinton solar proposals prompt resurgence of citizen activism,” the article explains about a group of individuals who have started a grass-roots effort to fight solar projects in the town.

There are many other people in the town of Hopkinton that do not agree with the members of the group “Hopkinton Citizens for Responsible Planning.” This group opposes every solar project that has been proposed.

There are other residents in town that are of the opinion that each solar project should be looked at on an individual basis. Allowing certain solar projects can be a good source of tax revenue to the town.

One particular parcel of land has been sited to have a large housing development built if the solar field is denied. Latest data shows Hopkinton has had a increase in student enrollment. Taxes are predicted to increase with no way to offset the increase. Solar fields can help to defray this increase with no strain on the town’s infrastructure.

There are 6,522 registered voters in the town of Hopkinton. The above-mentioned group has a petition of 500 signatures ... 500 alleged resident signatures is not the whole town. Just because people are not jumping up and down against this group does not mean they agree with them.

People of Hopkinton — look at the big picture here and look at the future of this town. There are ways to benefit the financial well-being of the town and maintain its rural nature. I’m not sure large housing developments are the way to go!

Let your council members know that maybe solar isn’t so bad.

Sue Bergman


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