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Regarding Robert Lombardo’s letter to the editor:

Thank you, Mr. Lombardo, for making us aware of how Victoria Gu’s campaign is being funded. Now, can you do the same for yourself and all the other candidates so voters know where all the special interests lie? And speaking of lying, apparently, Ms. Gu isn’t keeping her money sources secret, as it’s in her filings. You call it “boasting” when on her Facebook page she says, “I have more than enough funding to be competitive.” I call that being savvy and realistic. We all know that a campaign needs to be well-funded and, if not, it’s dead in the water!

With respect to her changing addresses, I suspect many of us have had multiple addresses, some of us even relocating from one state to another only to return to Westerly. Do these things make her a nefarious candidate? Because that’s what it sounds like you are insinuating! Perhaps, it’s just that she is not a part of the typical small town political machine. Is that a bad thing?

You comment that Ms. Gu does not lack self esteem and she “ uses words.” Perish the thought! Mr. Lombardo these are assets, not liabilities! You state that Gu has never held an elected office. Should having held a previous office be a determining factor in running for office? All elected officials were not born into it, they had to begin somewhere. My question to you is that if you are elected to the Westerly Town Council, will this be your modus operandi ... digging up what you consider to be damaging information on constituents with whom you don’t agree and turn it into something negative or untoward? We need positive, forward-looking, smart individuals who are enthusiastic and who are willing to work hard for the future of Westerly. Yes, the roots of Westerly run deep, but the fabric of our community is inclusive.

I am a registered independent as well, and although I believe Ms. Ahern to be a fine candidate, I am willing to give Victoria Gu my consideration as well. On the other hand, you, Mr. Lombardo, not so much! We do not need someone who sows discontent and is divisive on our Town Council. You might see that as having “moxie.” I see it as an obstacle to both the process and progress.

Beverly Conti


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