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Following up on Trump’s direct, hateful, and dangerous racism toward Democratic Congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley, he now has gone after the city of Baltimore, Congressman Cummings, and Al Sharpton. And who knows who, and what, else by the time this letter is published.

Trump is working hard to give Trumpers and Republicans some ammunition in their cause as they’re out trolling around with their “whataboutism.” We need to reject it in every form.

Those who equate the concerns of Baltimore or Al Sharpton with what Trump is all about and what he is doing are either dumb, in denial, and/or racist. To also simply note, Baltimore and Sharpton are not president. Trump, his strategy, and tactics cannot be tolerated on any level right now.

Locally, how hard would it be for the Rhode Island GOP, Westerly GOP, the Chariho GOPs, or any of the others to issue a statement denouncing what Trump’s doing and come up with a plan to diminish and remove this dangerous hate? The issue is with Trump and the Republicans, and each one of them has some responsibility to address it without bringing forward their “whataboutism.”

In our communities, we see there are those who are collaborating with local Republicans. They are either directly affiliating with them, or are doing so in the name of “unity” and “civility.” Those who do this need to do a real gut-check and consider what their values are. Finally, nationally, this really speaks to the weakness of Joe Biden and those candidates like him. Morality, values, ethics, and integrity need to be placed over finding common cause with people like Trump who traffic in or tolerate racism and dangerous, murderous hate.

Jonathan Daly-LaBelle


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