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As anticipated, we’re treated to the first response to my letter of Feb. 19. The theme of the response is that I didn’t present any science; quite so, nor was that my intent. The purpose of my article was clear; to present (once again) differing opinions within the scientific community regarding the subject of climate change, totally lost (obviously) on Mr. Sciarillo (the writer). Sciarillo rambles on about me not identifying any climatologists, although I had done so in several previous articles; so, for Sciarrillo’s edification, here are but a few (all are Ph.D.s): Don Easterbrook, Patrick Michaels, Willie Soon, Tim Ball, Fred Lindzen, Judith Curry, Garth W. Paltridge, et al. All have extensive careers in the study of Earth’s climate, and it’s variable and infinite complexities (Dr. Curry alone, has published approximately 140 books and white-papers on Earth’s climate). Sciarillo continues on to criticize John L. Casey regarding his view on the pending mini-ice age, and he charges that Casey is not a scientist. So, Sciarillo is inferring that he has established the bona fides to make such a charge, against the author of two serious books on climate. Rather curious.

Dr. Bjorn Lomborg is highly respected in the scientific community. In my view, he would be the perfect arbiter to bring the sides together, hence my reasoning to cite his book, “False Alarm.” Sciarillo closes out his piece by accusing me of “taking shots at public figures on the left.” False. What I said is an incontrovertible fact, that most if not all of the left’s spokespersons have no scientific background, e.g., Obama, Gore, Michael Moore, John Kerry, AOC, Greta Thunberg, et al. All of them are merely reading from prepared scripts, produced by someone else. A double standard, Sciarillo?

In closing, what most folks do not seem to appreciate is that Earth’s climate variability is likely the most complex and misunderstood subject of all the sciences. Those that claim that it is all settled science, and that they have a complete understanding of the science, are either grossly incompetent, or they are congenital liars. Pick one. I recommend one more book on the subject entitled: “The Mythology of Global Warming,” authored by Dr. Bruce C. Bunker. The book is intended to provide the general public with scientific and factual information regarding human-induced global warming. Facts are drawn from disciplines including geology, chemistry, biology, astronomy, meteorology, history, and government records. The book clearly shows that contrary to the “fake news” that folks are barraged with every day, hard facts indicate that human-induced global warming does not pose a significant threat to the Earth or its inhabitants.

Mike Latham


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