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Does anyone ever wonder if the left-wing radicals and politicians use the environment for political purposes? There should be no doubt.

An example is “climate change.” While many people agree that the planet is getting warmer, there is no agreement on its cause. It’s the disagreements in the scientific community and elsewhere over this issue that are so suspicious.

On one side there are scientists who believe the planet is definitely getting warmer. On the other side there are those who fear that the earth is about to enter another severe cold spell. The frauds and fear-mongers rant about the planet not surviving beyond the next 12 years if we don’t stop it now!

If the earth does start to get colder, does it mean that “climate change” is a natural phenomenon?

If it doesn’t, how can we expect the United States to slow it down or stop it unilaterally? Most believers blame a large percentage of the problem on “big oil” companies. They believe “big oil” produces the oil and gas that we burn which produces the emissions that lead to heating up the planet.

If that is true, then everyone has a major problem with China. It’s been reported that China is one of the world’s largest consumers of fossil fuels and one of its largest polluters. Does China have an alternative to burning coal, oil and all of the other petroleum products whose emissions are allegedly one of the leading causes of “climate change?” Not that we know of.

So why is the radical left holding the United States responsible for all of the problems allegedly caused by “climate change”? How many of them have thought about our national defense? Without oil, how will we defend our country when we need millions of gallons of fuel to run our ships, aircraft, armored tanks and other military equipment. How will our manufacturing facilities supply goods to the military? How will NASA be able to continue its space programs? How will the American people be able to live? How many people live close enough to their jobs to walk to work?

Now all the “Green New Deal” zealots are raving about how great it is that automakers have started producing environmental friendly electric passenger cars. I wonder how many know that whenever one pulls up to a recharge station, the electricity it’s using to recharge the batteries is coming from a power-generating plant somewhere that burns coal or fuel oil! Imagine two or three million electric cars getting recharged every hour, every day! These left-wing zealots can’t believe that these power-generating plants don’t release emissions that cause “climate change,” do they?!?

James M. Mageau


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Can you please stop running this ignorant CHUD's letters? It's borderline irresponsible to publish so many false statements, opinion or not.

You can keep putting the word "radical" in front of the word "left" all you want. Conservatives have been crying wolf (socialism) for so long, and at so many, that it's lost all meaning. If it's "radical" to want to take care of the one planet we have, and not sacrifice future generations for the sake of political expediency, then count me in as a radical.

Yes, China pollutes more than us. That does not make our polluting right or just.

Yes, electric cars are charged potentially by polluting resources such as coal and oil. That's why we're trying to make ourselves less dependent on these things, and diversify with solar, wind, and hydro power until we can come up with a better energy source. I will gladly take a windmill farm in my town, over a natural gas/coal/oil power plant any day of the week!

And no one tell this dummy that if we're using less oil in our cars and power plants, that it would free up those resources for the military. Have at it! All the oil you need for the next quagmire we embroil ourselves in!

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