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Bishop Tobin has been slammed in the press recently for his tweet advising Catholic parents to avoid bringing their kids to Pride events.

Bishop Tobin, like all true Catholics, is an equal opportunity prude. He condemns heterosexual fornication as well, and would equally advise parents to keep their kids away from all kinds of swingers’ conventions! He’s absolutely right!

We are ALL sinners in need of repentance and reformation. It’s one thing to sin, realize the sin, repent, clean up and go on. It’s completely another to wallow in the sin, celebrate the sin, defend the sin. One way leads to sweetness and life, the other way to bitterness and death.

We are all sinners in the hands of a living God. Let’s give our children the best chance to stand at the final judgment.

Anyone, no matter what sins they have committed in the past, is welcome in the Church. Whatever letters we choose to adorn ourselves with before our encounter with the Holy Christ, none of them matter when we are washed clean and healed and renewed in the love of God.

But, just like a hospital has rules, and prescribes what one should eat, what activities are prudent, and which drugs to take when, the Church has guidelines and rules and teachings, distilled from thousands of years of experience.

We don’t always live up to them. We try on, nevertheless.

Any alphabet of sexuality is welcome to come pray with us. Any brand of sinner. It is permissible to pray with sinners, so don’t let our personal and corporate sins deter you. We don’t judge anyone, but we do hold up the measuring rod by which we will eventually be judged, and we tend to each other that we all may one day attain worthiness.

Rev. Dr. Anne Armstrong

West Greenwich

The writer is the deaconess of the Healing Church in Rhode Island.

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