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I am pleased to support Beth Ladwig Leamon for Judge in the Southeastern Connecticut Regional Probate District, encompassing the towns of Groton, Ledyard, Stonington and North Stonington.

I have known Beth since high school. She has always been there for me when I’ve had legal questions concerning myself or any nonprofit with which I might be working. She is a skilled listener and offers me clear, guided solutions.

I have worked in the nonprofit sector for over 30 years and recently started my own consulting business guiding nonprofits toward more sustainable practices. Beth was instrumental in giving me the confidence and encouragement to move in this direction and guided me on legal matters concerning new clients.

Beth and I share a passion for helping people in our community. We both serve on the board of the Stonington Housing Authority, at Edythe K. Richmond Homes. Beth is passionate about her role on the board and regularly offers free planning sessions for our residents answering their questions and addressing their concerns about estate matters.

Beth is supremely suited to be our Judge of Probate. Her care for our community, ability to listen, make informed decisions and understanding and respect for the law make her an excellent choice. I have first-hand knowledge of the importance of the role of the Judge of Probate. My younger sister has intellectual disabilities that have, on occasion, warranted the need for interaction with our Judge of Probate. Therefore, I am very aware that these issues can be highly sensitive and emotional. I trust Beth implicitly and value her judgment in these sensitive situations.

The voters in the 30th District are fortunate that Beth has decided to run for Judge of Probate. She will have my vote on Nov. 3.

Kate Careb


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