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The public needs to know local elected officials have not been included in the Potter Hill Dam situation as they should have been. For my part I am maintaining an interest. I grew up in Ashaway. However, local leaders and town council members should have had more input and certainly more information as this has progressed. That should be a legitimate concern of those of us in office.

I recently called Sharon Ahern, Westerly Town Council president, and she got back to me and we had a nice talk. I took the opportunity to talk to Gov. Dan McKee at the recent Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns annual dinner about the situation. I have been in contact with Richard DelFino, who I also met at the dinner, who heads municipal affairs for Gov. McKee, and I was in contact with him after the dinner. I have rarely missed a Potter Hill Dam Information Committee meeting In Hopkinton. That committee, led by Jim Duksta, has done a great job for Hopkinton, and they have been meeting weekly. I am impressed! I have done other things, including going on the WBLQ Radio show “Chariho Is Listening” hosted by Jean Gagnier. Carl Rosen, a member of the Potter Hill Dam Information Committee, called in and spent some time talking on air.

Whatever eventually happens, it needs to be noted that not everyone has been informed on this, including local politicians.

It needs to be appreciated that while Westerly has municipal water, Hopkinton doesn’t. The water situation for Hopkinton residents includes driven wells, dug wells and point wells. If water levels drop with dam removal, it will most certainly impact homeowners on the Hopkinton side more. In addition, you have the property value and recreation issues. There is talk of the water level being lowered 6½ feet if the dam is removed. Other and better dam options need to be considered.

I obviously could say more. However the local politicians could have been informed better, and included more, in this topic of the Potter Hill Dam removal.

Scott Bill Hirst


The writer is a member of the Hopkinton Town Council.

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