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Kudos are deserved for the work in making Westerly’s 350th anniversary an important and successful year to date.

Speaking from my “perch” in Warwick, we need a big round of applause for Lisa Konicki, who has the energy and understanding to assist so many people with such a large number of events. She is a backbone of the anniversary celebration. The town can count on Lisa to carry out her work and assist others.

Sparkling, as always, Angie Smith was charged with the 350th galas — originally one night turned into two. Her determination to make the evening spectacular did not fail. The Westerly Armory was home to the 300th anniversary ball, and in 1969 that was a fine event (I was there). Angie, however, wanted the 350th to be special — and it was. Her vision made the Armory into a blue, white, and gold glittering wonderland. The town can be proud of Angie and her work for this and so much else.

The Westerly Armory has numerous events planned through December, and the Armory’s museum has a temporary small collection of Westerly historic military pieces as well as a Westerly Band hat from 1870. The band is America’s oldest active community band, formed in 1852. Thanks to this wonderful band, also, for their assistance with many of the activities this year.

People like Lisa and Angie and groups like the Westerly Band have given much to Westerly to make it interesting and exciting — and to maintain a proud sense of community that a small town needs and can treasure.

Roberta Mudge Humble


The writer is the president of Westerly Armory Restoration Inc.

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