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It is my pleasure to acknowledge some wonderful residents at Stonington Arms. I believe I am partial, but this complex is one of the nicest ones in our area.

Stacy Cassata, our community regional manager, continues to provide us with many activities, and the attendance has been growing. Under the guidance of Jorge, aka George, Alves, our maintenance supervisor, his helper, Jerilyn B., and one person who shall remain nameless but is a terrific worker, the flower gardens are a site to behold.

Karen V. is outstanding and she has been involved with it for some time. She’s just great. Perry F. is also lovely, and Gloria ... what a gem, and so patriotic! She has a huge sign on her door that reads “God Bless America,” and her garden is so beautiful to watch. Nancy B. has nice knock-out roses.

Dorothy L. is so kind and helpful to the residents here, and so generous. We have another resident who would rather remain nameless, and I recently visited her apartment. I found it to be immaculate. She does her own cooking, cleaning and laundry, and she has a penchant for birds in flight. So impressive! God love you!

We have two new additions to the staff. Heidi, an assistant to Stacy and our wonderful coordinator, who shall remain nameless. Heidi is so friendly and helpful and takes the time to either call or visit someone who is not feeling well. An absolute gem! She also produces “Heidi’s Happenings” in each month’s “Compass” newsletter.

Again, our maintenance supervisor, Jorge, goes above and beyond his duties, taking the time to talk to the residents, which is appreciated. Again, thank you for all you do!

With so many volunteer agencies in our area, some of the residents, if able to, should volunteer even two hours on any given day. After all, we are seniors who should be treated with dignity and respect, and this effort, I guarantee, would be rewarding!

Insert Charito, who has a gorgeous garden — so colorful! — and she has been maintaining it by herself. Good job!

Grace Sette


The writer is a resident of Stonington Arms in Pawcatuck.

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