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The Dec. 30 “Can you manage to keep up with the Joneses?” letter strikes an-end of-decade chord. “Can you manage to keep up with your best you” is more like it that cannot be shaped by “buying ‘stuff’ that will somehow make me look richer, younger or even thinner”? The author skeptically wonders, with the “somehow,” but buys “stuff” regardless? I’m all for keeping up with the Joneses IF they: 1. Have solar panels; 2. Bicycle everywhere; 3. Display “Vote Trump OUT OF OFFICE” lawn signs; 4. Are vegetarians and live life in other Earth-friendly ways; 5. Volunteer (visit for example), etc .

The truth is we’re in cooperation as the planet gets a little smaller each day as world population increases and inhabitable spaces for non-human animals shrinks daily. Remember the phone etiquette : “Will you be quiet, I’m talking long distance!” That’s melted away as Skype-inspired phone connections cost nothing while enabling you to see your other side of the world in real time. The always empty “keeping up with the Jones” has no business going mainstream and is 100% antithetical to the true spirit of the holiday season, as I refer readers of The Sun to the Dec. 24-25 letter suggesting people “let Jesus back into your life.” While you may not be able to let Jesus back into your life, I agree 100% with the adoption of his teachings’ sentiments, and while it’s profoundly silly to “keep up with the Joneses,” our world can only improve if you, Catholic or not, “keep up with Jesus’s example”.

Jay Lustgarten


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