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Editor’s note: This letter was originally set to appear before Easter.

All of us are born from purity, with mothers and fathers of good hearts and souls, so reverent, so true we are to our family duty and our own precious self-tradition. Family keeps for old-times sake, happy children remember the good God love. Keep traditional memory alive throughout all the centuries to come.

Nursery rhyme title: Easter Bunny, we have no money, just a loving heart. Is that a good enough start? Easter can stand for Enlightenment-Awareness-Spirituality-Transcendental meditation-Energy-Regeneration of life. All those are some of the required values/virtues for creating a worldwide ideal society, thanking everyone for making this miracle-like necessity come true very soon (the Spiritual Regeneration Movement was founded in 1957 for all around the world). We all aspire for steady saintly growth. It is natural, right from birth.

Honorable we all are. This, our series of duly recognizing and giving thanks to the laudable saints, is visiting us again for another year of goodness; Easter Sunday bunny time, at home with our family and close friends, is upon us with merriment and spring joy. Times like this, when our hearts are filled with happy celebrations, overflowing with love for everyone, help all of us to remember what we are here for, our hallowed easygoing mission to carefully attend to the full development of our life on earth — consciousness, physiology, behavior, etc., and our overall health in general, our spiritual development gets a big boost with every smooth breath, making us stronger and stronger. May the love we give every day grow multifold, spreading all around, being shared with one another. Let us all be blessed every moment. God is helping us all greatly, just take it easy. (Natural law is safely guarded inside of each one of us.) Good luck is for free. Enjoy the days of Lent observance bringing us up to the Easter Sunday fun.

We try to keep traditional memory alive for a long time. We are fortunate neighbors everywhere. Thanks to all for kindly helping. Relax, rest, sleep, and wake up well-refreshed.

William S. Marr


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