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I am gravely concerned about the state of our nation. The GOP’s seeming callousness towards the health of “blue states” is indicative of the lengths to which they will go to retain power. This says they are willing to commit negligent manslaughter and speaks volumes of their eagerness to kill anyone who does not vote “their way.” The entire Republican Party seems to be acting as enemies of the United States in its deliberate and systematic destruction of American norms, values and institutions. In no way is the GOP attempting to stop or even slow the lunatic president’s destruction of military morale. His non-reaction to the bounty placed on the lives of American troops killed by the Taliban, which is paid by his “friend” Vladimir Putin, was horrifying, and the fact that he wished to invite the Taliban leaders to Camp David is suspect.

Consider this: All of President Trump’s relationships seem to be transactional in nature. If you have nothing for him, he has nothing for you. This being established, the only possible reason for Trump to invite them is that he is getting something from them. I believe, therefore, that the president receives a portion of that bounty. That he receives money from the Taliban for every American son or daughter killed by the Taliban. Trump also looted $4 billion from the families of our kids in the military to build the junk wall along the Mexican border. Vote blue exclusively.

Steve Kern


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