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“Mass. House must face the music for its gutting of drug price measure” is the headline on the commentary page of the Tuesday, April 30, Sun. The fact that nobody wants to face is that the high price of drugs in this country is the direct result of government policy.

Because of the World War II policy of not increasing wages, the government instituted a policy of giving workers “insurance” for medical and drug costs. The problem is that “insurance” doesn’t work for routine expenses. You have insurance for your house burning down but not to fix a broken screen. What would happen to the cost of food if everyone had “food insurance”? Just go to the store, get what you “need” and the insurance company pays for it.

As it is, doctors have no incentive to limit what they prescribe. Patients “expect” to get something. Patients have no incentive to look for the best price.

Vic Arnold


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