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Michael Chambers’ Nov. 27 letter has the headline “CRU’s leadership leaves lot to be desired.” This headline would be much more correct if “CCA” (Charlestown Citizens Alliance) was substituted for CRU.

CRU has not been “smearing and denigrating the duly-elected town councilors supported by the Charlestown Citizen’s Alliance.” CRU was established, and all of its actions have been, in response to secretive and opaque efforts by the CCA and its “supported” politicians to subvert the needs and desires of the citizens of Charlestown. Whether it was an attempt by the council to sneak through a proposal for an unneeded community center, or the use of some $300,000 of town funds to build an unneeded bike path, or the bypassing of eminently qualified volunteers to help govern the town in favor of those sympathetic to and therefore supported by the CCA, to rushing through a Comprehensive Town Plan that includes language to try and suppress increased usage of Ninigret Park for the benefit of all residents and before a survey of the town’s desires could even be performed, we residents of Charlestown have had to and continue to have to remain vigilant.

The CRU, and Deb Carney, its lone member of the Town Council, are committed to maintaining an open and responsive town government. If the CCA members of the Town Council were truly committed to working with the minority councilor, as Chambers states, they would not continually prevent items that are of significant importance to the town from being added to the agenda and will adhere to council rules, such as selecting the best-qualified person for any board or commission regardless of their political affiliation. Deb is our only elected official who is protecting our citizens, and she needs to be lauded for that extraordinary effort, not smeared and lied about for it.

Kenneth Robbins


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